Retrospective Sprint 1

Today we had our first retrospective concerning the first print we completed a week ago. We discussed how things went. Specifically we talked about what went well, and also what didn’t, as well as what we can do to improve results the next time we reflect on our group and ourselves. Above you can see the general idea (in Dutch) of what has been discussed. I will list the points which pertain to me that could use improvement, as well as what I/we (the group) can do about it.

  • Communication in our group, in general, went pretty well. The chemistry between the teammates is there. What could be done to improve is really make clear what each person in question is going to, is doing, or had done, because the phenomenon that I encountered is that at least 3 of 4 people ended up working with their Arduino and their (mini-)Servos, as a result one could say 50% of the work may have gone to waste because in the end we only used one code base for the end product.
  • This is specifically a point for me, though others do have similar issues with it, but while I do enjoy having a blog (I even have my own domain redirecting to it,, blogging doesn’t really come natural to me for one reason or another. In case you may have noticed, this is only my fifth post in total even though I’ve started at HR more than 2 weeks ago, and the first post is a dummy post to boot. I need to make blogging more of a routine.
  • Last but not least, in case you may not have noticed but I’m still blogging English. This is due to me in general handling every day tasks in English, I enjoy all my media in English, that being movies, music, games as well as news articles and more of the like. I also code in English. Thus one could say I eased into using English as my primary language for anything other than speaking. This may or may not be an issue depending on my target audience, which primarily consists of dutch students and could impact my academic results, so an for me was to make the blog bilingual. This would allow anyone to be able to read it in their language of the preference (be it English or Dutch) while allowing me to write in my language of preference. I plan to do so on Saturday, so if next week it’s discovered that nothing has changed to the language options, someone slap me for it please. One thing bitterly sweet is that due to me not having that many posts yet, I don’t have to translate all that much yet.

Outside of my points of improvements, at least today I’ll help out Mitch Gietema with understanding the basics of Arduino, as he has requested such during this retrospective.

Well that was a long post, have fun reading.


First day at HR

After minor issues I managed to set up WordPress on the domain from school (at first I tried to use WordPress’ own instructions, which was incompatible).

First group assignment for which we’ll use our Arduinos, groups were appointed. Overall pretty happy with the group though.

I learned how to add categories and subsequently learned (quite simply) how to add a parent category to other categories, essentially creating subcategories. I also learned, quite obviously, how to create, edit and delete posts (I’ll keep there welcome post however).

That’ll be all at school for today, I’ll likely setup a localhost on my pc to mirror the remote host on which this blog is maintained.