The only thing I could potentially see myself earning anything for. The monday I was left alone there were multiple people recommending me that I should create a partnership’s agreement.

While I initially put off the idea to do so that monday, the wednesday after I decided that perhaps it was better to do so anyway and thus started working on it with Maurice, seeing as it could provide for the content required for “Being a Boss” we both still need.

After taking in some more feedback from Imani, specifically regarding the part about consequences, I applied those to what we had and finished the partnerships agreement, which I have a seperate post about here (in Dutch).

This is the only part of the project of which I could say we (me & Maurice) really delivered. Shortly before the second retrospective I also consulted Dieuwertje, one of judges of the “Being a boss” Block to explain our current situation and if she felt the consequences were stern enough. After hearing her side of it (regarding the strike system versus the time we had left to spend on the project) applied said feedback to what we had and could consider our partnership agreement truly finished, ready to be signed.

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