During the second retrospective what became clear was the following:

We just lost 2 teammates, and I was pulled away for a seperate conversation with a personally appointed peercoach regarding what to do about my currently earned Building Blocks, or rather lack thereof. This conversation, while appreciated, stretched on for a while eventually resulting in us reaching the end of the day, with research into the Building Blocks and how I planned to earn at least 9, but optimally all 12 of them in the time I had left. Although important this did take away time that could have been spent on the project.

Also, while we might have neglected making use of user stories, because we didn’t feel like there was still time to work on that, it didn’t help from an ambition perspective, at least in my case. Come wednesday with one week left to spend on the project, we decided to ditch the Arduino, for which we couldn’t figure out a way to interact with our web application in the time we had left, in favor of the Leap Motion. This presented a challenge for me as I had never worked with that before, but it was a better alternative to having no working sensor whatsoever.

Now here’s where I say the user stories could’ve gotten in handy:

We had decided that I would be working on implementing the Leap Motion, but not how it should be implemented. I did research into it over the weekend about how I could possibly create custom gestures which, while difficult, seemed feasible, which I think might have been the idea for our project, but I didn’t know what was expected of me other than to “get it working”. I didn’t know what/if custom gestures were expected, I didn’t if such was the case, what the gestures would do, just that it had “to work”, so come wednesday we had to Frankenstein together our work, all I really contributed was a readily available Leap Motion driver, which I only had to configure a little bit, with which I could navigate not just the website, but potentially my entire computer. Not exactly what I would call ambitious but in the very least it worked I suppose.

Yes I helped Dagmar debug here and there where, and I adviced/provided feedback to Maurice (specifically I told him to make use of Bootstrap for the front-end), and also made (him make) some changes in order for the front-end to come together, but ambition was lacking.

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