Eye opener

I know I have certain responsibilities, I haven’t made a post in weeks and this first one in said time frame isn’t (directly) related to school in any way, I am leaving this here because I might have use for this later, I might need it.
If you happen to read this, please don’t confront me directly, in front of others, about it. If however you feel like this should be discussed, feel free to contact me about it, in fact I’d appreciate it if you do. The following is a comment I response to someone else on the following video. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

So I’m just gonna say I know exactly how you feel. I knew way ahead that I was not to judge this game by its cover, but I still didn’t quite expect what I was in for.

Having just finished this game today, but having cleared Sayori’s route (ACT 1) yesterday, I happened up identifying way more with Sayori than I would’ve liked to admit. Lately I’ve just been feeling empty. I used to look forward to my birthday, which is literally tomorrow, but I’ve just been indifferent about ever since about a  month or two ago.

I’ve always been kind of cold, non-emotionally expressive, and a bit cynical at times though I’d consider myself an optimist, so I would normally chalk it up to that just being me, but ever since a few weeks I’ve been thinking that there might be something wrong with me after all, and this game just kinda reinforced the idea that I may need to seek help.

I ended up enjoying this game way more than I expected, maybe because it’s been sort of an eye opener to me, so I’m very grateful of Team Salvato for offering me this experience, and free to boot, because if that wasn’t the case I likely would’ve dismissed as just another game that’s currently popular. I am in fact planning on getting the fan pack just because I want to give something back to them as a way of thanks.

As for now though I just don’t know how to continue for the moment, the game’s still stuck in my head. I should try and enjoy my birthday tomorrow as best I can, as well as upcoming holidays, after all it’s only once a year, however starting next week I should definitely try and consult someone at college about all this, not just because I have been suffering, but so have my results and I really can’t use that on top of the rest, because I’m not sure how long I can “convince” myself that I’m fine, that I’ve just had a rough few weeks, lack of sleep or whatever, I’m not sure I can continue on like this.

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