Retrospective Sprint 3

Hereby I present to you (above, in Dutch) the last Retrospective of the CLE 1, which as per usual I will go into detail what could use improvement going forward. All in all it comes down to one recurring issue, that being communication.

  • First of all our group was expanded from 4 to 8 people because we merged with another group. As we did before we exchanged phone numbers and expanded our group chat to include the new people. What was quickly apparent however was that some people (which I will not name) rarely ever replied or said anything. This continued for quite some time.
  • Next up was the incoming vacation. We were planning to have a discussion in the flesh about the tasks we would take upon us going into the vacation on the Friday before it. Some either didn’t show up (again, I won’t specify who) on time even though it was clearly said a few times in the chat, or didn’t show up at all. One in particular arrived late only to seemingly pass us by as if to purposely avoid us. There seemed to be a certain animosity going on.
  • After a while the daily stand ups were being neglected, they just didn’t really happen going into the second and after vacation, motivation for all seemed to be waning. Team morale seemed to slowly fade.
  • There was a pet project going on (which I detailed in Tinkerfun, Part 3) which most of the group didn’t really see a purpose to. I particularly know this because I individually asked most of the group. Although my personal opinion was that I made it pretty clear to the person with the pet project, it apparently wasn’t really clear to said person, this led to great frustration at times as from our point of view the time “wasted” on the pet project could be better spent finishing other more important tasks first.
  • Last of all was of motivation of the team. Seeing as we had a team of 8 it was a lot more difficult dividing tasks equally among each other, so at times it appeared people didn’t have anything to do and thus were spending time on things that had nothing to with the project.

That’s about it. It may sound like I’m being very negative as I’m as per usual noting the points of improvement required, but all in all I’m actually pretty positive about the last sprint. Our end product was the most finished one of all projects, and from the feedback received by both students and teachers it definitely was worth it. Furthermore the points of attention mostly pertained to the increased group size together with not really knowing the people yet.
Well, that was about it, I hope it was adequate enough.

Either way, see ya.

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