Stan Boer

Stan Boer

Computer Engineering Student

About Me

I'm feeling pretty clueless about this right now.

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Saatbank - Laat dat geld maar komen!

In this project I worked together with 5 other people to create both the software and hardware for a fully functional ATM from scratch.

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Personal documents

2D Game Engine

A game engine I'm currently developing with a few friends for personal usage in designing 2D RPGs.

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Work Experience

Postman - Sandd (2011 - Present)

As a postman I am responsible for sorting and delivering mail in my designated area

President - Student Association Ebrii Oves (2017 - 2018)

As president of the only student association in Dordrecht I was responsible for controlling the board of the associaton. Tasks involving this positions are managing the communication to third parties, being the first general contact point within the association and making an agenda and leading the general meetings.

Cleaner - CSU Schoonmaakbedrij (2016 - 2016)

As a cleaner I was responsible for cleaning my appointed areas at Boskalis and ASVZ Neptunuslaan in Dordrecht.


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